IMG_5889 August 16th was the first day back on the track for me in a long time (years!) and I really felt it.  Actually, it had been enough time for the track to have a kink added to the back straight and some tents added to the pits. It was good fine weather which was perfect for getting back into the swing of things, as well as providing a stable platform for finding the areas that the car was lacking:   Continue reading



I’d looked at many E92 M3 BMW’s and two Aston Martin Vantages (!) (not to mention the countless AE86 “wrecks” that seem to still command exceedingly high price tags) prior to settling on a car that has always made me smile.  I purchased this panda coloured model (given the name “Penguin” by my girlfriend).  It is in great shape for a car that came out almost 30 years ago, though there are certainly still a few areas that need tidying up, which fitted within my criteria when purchasing…

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The damage sustained at Desert Storm appeared relatively easy to spot and not as much of an expensive exercise as it first appeared.  Wheels were cheap, tyres were reasonable and the ladies who made the new nerf nets were awesome.  However I was somewhat dismayed when upon reassembly i found this…

While I was waiting for the new swingarm I took all the plastics off and gave it a bloody good clean.

It has taken much longer than I expected to get this fixed, or rather source a new swingarm and completely replace the bearings in the rear end!  While I was waiting for the new swingarm I took all the plastics off and gave it a bloody good clean.

Desert Storm

Seriously, that’s what the ride was called.  It was quite apt though as there was both a desert and a storm, the weather is incredibly changeable in the central North Island.  It was very fine to start out with though – this is the pit area on Saturday morning.

Then right up near the mountain…

There wasn’t much mud, but where there was it was deep and concentrated – straight up mud pies.  As it happens I went from warm and dry to cold and freezing a couple of seconds after this.